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1.? Company Scale

Hua Yi Hardware is a new powder metallurgy manufacturer established in 2002 with sole investment from Taiwan, and is based in China. The Company, situated in Hengtang Industrial Area, Tangxia Township, Dongguan City, with factory area of more than 3000 m2, is a privately-funded enterprise designed to provide customers with customized services.

2.? History of Development

The Company introduced the ISO9001:2000(E) – Quality Management System in July 2003, passed the certification and obtained ISO qualification in December 2003. We strictly abide by the ISO9001:2000(E) – Quality Management System in management, and in order to echo the protection policy for global environment and resources, Hua Yi Hardware further officially introduced the “GP Management System” in March 2006. Under the efforts of all colleagues, we passed SONY’s certification on environmental system in May 2006 and obtained the qualification as SONY’s “Green Partner (GP)”. We already passed ISO14001:2004 (E) – Environmental Management System in October 2008, and to execute thorough control resources under relative environmental management in order to offer our contribution to the global business of environmental protection.

3.? Product Features

Hua Yi Hardware has always worked hard in the powder metallurgy industry, which involves a consistent operation system for the gear designing and manufacturing for PC ventilation fans, AC/DC motors, precision motor bearings for commercial machines, and parts for mechanical components. Based on the principle of “Constant improvement” relative to the technological foundation in the industry, we have taken the design and manufacturing of sleeve bearings and gears for fans as important parts of Hua Yi Hardware business, where we have our own series of technical standards and technological talents in respective domains.

4.Organizational Chart

5. Main customers:
SONY, NISCA, ShaJing Sanyo, Shilong-sanxie, Shangnan Electronics, ShaJing-Xingwang, Yuanshan Electronics, Guanyun Fans, etc.
Providing 100% of customers with 100% satisfaction is our permanent principle of development. We will provide the best products to our customers to better satisfy their demands, so we can extend our past success far into the future!

Hua Yi Hardware Co., Ltd.
General Manager: Hsu, Yuan-Ching